How to reach us


By taxi

Taxis in Poland are always a bit tricky. There are very many companies in every city with different prices and a different likelihood of being cheated (although this has considerably dropped down now). There is one taxi spot just at the terminal, only for licensed taxis. Another one is across the driveway, where thy city street begins. The safety rules are: (1) choose a cab integrated in a radio-taxi network, with the explicit text TAXI and a phone number on it (not just the door number); (2) ask for the approximate price before you enter; (3) if you are asked to pay much more than 60 PLN (+ 50% on weekends, holidays and at night) or more than you see on the meter, or the meter has not been switched on then call someone from our group. 
There should be no problems if one chooses a real, properly marked taxi.

By public transport

This is a bit complicated.
Take bus no. 406 to go to "Nowy Dwór" and then switch to 149 to go to "Plac Grunwaldzki". Unfortunately, both buses are not very frequent but this is the only way to change just once. Alternatively, you can take 132 or 142 from "Nowy Dwór", go to "Plac Jana Pawła II" and take a tram 10 or 33 from there to "Plac Grunwaldzki". Ticket machines are at the tram stops (card & cash) and on the buses and trams (card payment only). A ticket bought on the tram or bus still has to be validated. 

Here are the time tables.



Leave to the north (towards the city center – „Centrum miasta”, that is, in the direction of decreasing platform numbers), reach the street ahead of you and follow to the left along the street. Tram stops are 50-300 meters away (depending on which exit you take). Take No. 2 going to „Biskupin”, which will take you to „Plac Grunwaldzki” in about 12 minutes. Ticket machines are at the tram stops (card & cash) and on the trams (card payment only). A ticket bought on the tram still has to be validated.
If you want to take a taxi read the advice above.



We are in the main building (A-1). From the main entrance (Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego street), take the staircase on the right in the entrance hall. From the side entrance (Norwida street, open till about 5pm), go straight ahead, pass one staircase and take the second one (but this will not take you to the PhD students' room).

Here is the map of the campus, including a section of Plac Grunwaldzki (which is actually a street) and a piece of its central part, called "Rondo Reagana", where the huge bus&tram stop is located. There are passages between D1 and D20 and between C1 and C3 which are very convenient but not visible on the map.