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Our group is part of the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology.

In our research we focus on the dynamics of interactions between various kinds of excitations in (and around) semiconductor nanostructures. This work is motivated primarily by modern optical experiments but also by the perspective of building quantum-coherent devices. We study the kinetics of electrons and phonons on picosecond time scales in order to determine the decoherence processes affecting charge coherence in quantum dots. We are interested also in phonon-induced dephasing of spin coherence, in particular in optical spin control schemes and in two-electron configurations (singlet-triplet dephasing). Recently, the rich physical properties of structures built of two quantum dots (double quantum dots or quantum dot molecules) have been in the focus of our work. We investigate their quantum optical properties (collective spontaneous emission) and phonon-related processes, like phonon-assisted tunneling and dissipative Förster transfer of excitation. Our most recent fields of interest include modeling of spin-sensitive nonlinear optical response on p-doped quantum dots and wells and optical properties of elongated nanostructures (the fields where our colleagues from the experimental group are active)

A brief presentation of our selected results can be found here


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