Research projects

Modeling of the optical properties of double quantum dot systems (National Science Centre - NCN), Grant no. 2014/12/T/ST3/00231, 2014-2016

Spin dynamics and optical spin control in coupled nanostructures  (National Science Centre – NCN, Grant no. 2014/12/B/ST3/04603, 2014–2017)

Energy states, phonon-assisted relaxation and tunneling in coupled semiconductor nanostructures  (National Science Centre – NCN, Grant no. 2012/05/N/ST3/03079 , 2013–2015)

Quantum measurement effects in quantum dot ensembles  (National Science Centre – NCN, Grant no. 2012/05/B/ST3/02875, 2013–2014)

Collective luminescence of quantum dots (National Science Centre – NCN, Grant no. 2011/01/B/ST3/02415, 2011–2014)

Semiconductor nanostructures for renewable energy, information processing and communication technologies (grant no. TEAM/2009-4/7, Foundation for Polish Science, 2010-2014)  >> Project web page

Optical properties, quantum optical control and dephasing in semiconductor nanostructures (Alexander von Humboldt Research Group Linkage Grant with Prof. Dr. Tilmann Kuhn, Mόnster University, 2010-2012)

Vacuum-induced coherence in double quantum dot systems (Polish Ministry of Science, PhD grant, 2009-2010)

Ultrafast kinetics and nonlinear optical response of low-dimensional semiconductor structures: double quantum dots and quantum wells (Polish Ministry of Science, 2007–2009)
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